2018! : A quick run down

2018 Is set to be a pretty cool and jam packed year!  Tomorrow morning (In a few hours) im off to Hong Kong and then Australia! It will be my first time playing a gig in Hong Kong and im curious to see what the response will be like at the gig and on the street busking.  In Australia I'l be playing in one of my favourite spots , Robe. It's a sleepy little gem of a town in South Australia but it will come alive for one day during the ' Fiesta de Amor'! Im blessed to be on the this amazing line up!

2018 will also see a mixed bag of shows all  over Europe from Norway to Italy, so keep your ears open for a show near you!  ... but.... more excitingly in May this year il be releasing a new album. I think its the most special work i've done so far!  Ive recorded it with an amazing bunch of musicians and whats better it's all been recorded in analog! Il post more on this soon! but for now i gotta pack for tomorrow!!



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