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I remember being 13 and my father taking me to a guitar shop in Brisbane. Little did i know then that day would change my life. I would sneak out in the mornings and listen to my fathers vinyls. The beatles, the rolling stones to name a few. I was fascinated by the sounds of Keith Richard's guitar and George Harrison's guitar licks. I wanted to delve into where it all came from. It was then i discovered the blues and early folk. I had opened a treasure trove of inspiration. Muddy waters, Son house and Robert Johnson and many more. Through my life the music stayed my constant. Through homelessness, dealing with mental disease and through travel adventures around the world, music opened doors and healed . It was while bumming around Australia busking from to town and stopping for odd jobs that i had inspiration. Whilst picking fruit in rural Victoria i worked allong with pickers from all different nationalities. It was there i had the inspiration that i could take my music anywhere. I thought why not busk my way around the world? Why not see if i could travel just supporting myself from my music?.. And so the adventure began..

From the jazz and brass of New Orleans to the rhythms of Senegal i learned and absorbed. It's these tales and adventures i want to share with you. Journal entries that have never been read, songs that have never been released and pictures that have never been seen. I hope you can be a part of my continued journey!

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